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Charlene Murray

God is Willing eBook PDF

God is Willing eBook PDF

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God Is Willing is an inspired book that reveals the loving kindness of our Creator. This book helps you become aware of what the spiritual realm is doing for you, and what it is doing to cause calamities in your life. Showing you how to discern the difference between the thoughts that God's kingdom gives and the thoughts that Satan's kingdom gives. Becoming aware of this will help you in your life. Being that we cannot see angels, we need to know the difference between the two types. God has made sure that honorable angels' actions/ways be different from the demons, so that we the people can know them by the thoughts that we are given. It is our thoughts that propel us to do good or bad.

There are many treasures that our Creator has left in the land for us, the people, to find, and having this discernment is one of them. This discernment allows you to not automatically accept the thoughts that you have. Once you start learning to reject thoughts that are harmful to you, the honorable angel's thoughts will have a greater hold on you so that you can be released from the harmful thoughts. Honorable angels give us thoughts with feelings attached to them so that we can maintain our goodness.

As you read this book, you will see how your thoughts can manipulate you to do things that are non-beneficial; however, utilizing your discernment will counteract these non-beneficial thoughts. Whether a person does God's will or not, they can still have salvation through thy Lord, Jesus.

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