When Forgiving is Too Hard

When Forgiving is Too Hard

The Lord said “pray for those who are persecuting you”. Maybe, in time your heart will heal enough for you to exercise your forgiveness towards that person. Mathew 5: 43-46, is a release for us for when forgiveness is too hard for us to do. When you do this, the thoughts that Satan wants to bond you to, will be removed.  And, even though we are not exercising our forgiveness, we are still showing God that we are willing to learn. When we pray for those who are persecuting or have persecuted us, we are allowing God to work on those ones. And, it’s okay to cry because their actions have caused you harm. Satan plan is to hold us all bound to him. However, doing this will move us towards God’s plans for us.

Let go and let God.

Thank you, Lord!

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