Learning Discernment: God's Angel's and Satan's demons, this is how you can know the difference.

Learning Discernment: God's Angel's and Satan's demons, this is how you can know the difference.

 Learning Discernment (Proverbs 3:13-18)


God’s angels and Satan’s demons, this is how you can know the difference.


There are thoughts that you normally obey and thoughts that you normally dismiss. If the thoughts that you normally dismiss are thoughts that are likened to your conscious, then these are thoughts from God’s angel’s.


When you obey these thoughts, this will give God’s angel's the power to protect you with their thoughts so that you are not harmed by Satan.


We all are created with a free will, created this way because God has a free will, and we are created with His Spirit.  Being that Satan has access to us, he can give us thoughts too. However, with our free will we can choose whom has power over us. If you give Satan the power, you will have calamity in your life. When you allow Satan to rule your life, it will seem nice at first but then, havoc starts happening. See, Satan uses all kinds of deception to get us to follow him. And being that we cannot see what he is doing to us, the honorable angels can. The honorable angels are there so that they can help us be brought out of harms way by directing us through our thoughts. Whichever side you choose to obey with your actions, is the side that will have power over you, and you will obey these thoughts because, we are in subjection to angelic creations. Satan side gives us thoughts that are very forceful and very compelling.  Thoughts like, lying, stealing, cheating, hating, depression, conniving, sneakiness, impatience, self-contempt, overly angry, manipulative etc.  These are the thoughts that we all are compelled to follow and obey. However, with honorable angels they give us thoughts that counteract these thoughts and when we obey them, Satan thoughts will have to release you. Meaning, you will not feel as compelled to obey Satan’s thoughts.


God knows you are going to enjoy the thoughts that Satan gives you however, when it becomes unbearable or too calamitous, God’s angels are there with this option.  Meaning, the only thing that you must do is listen and obey the thoughts that God’s angels give, and God’s angels will take over guiding you along the way.


GOD IS LOVE (Isaiah 54:7-10, 1John 4:16)

 Thank you, Father!                                                                        



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